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Stolen from my daughter Magill who biggest dream is to just love a horse of her very own. I hope we achieve that dream one day

The cowboy in this painting is an Arizona cowboy by the name of Barney Prosser. Sometimes a bronc will just ‘blow up’ for no apparent reason, and all horses buck differently. Some buck straight, some spin, and as is in this case, Barney is riding a bucking bronc that is ‘Getting High.’

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I ride a male horse but I used to ride a mare before she passed away and she was super stubborn :( :)

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This poem tells us to not cry for the loss of our horses, but after reading it we are all full of tears. The Loss of a beloved horse is never easy.

Mother and foal Arabian Horse Arabian Horse Show - Western Competition Egyptian Stallion Breeding PIntabians~

The mother must be part Splash White because of the crisp white face she has. However, she only passed on the Tobiano gene to her foal because he has no major facial markings.