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Remember watching the 1965 Rodgers and Hammersein's "Cinderella" with Lesley Ann Warren, Stuart Daman, Celeste Holmes, Pat Carrol, Ginger Rogers

NBC logo (1956) The first time I saw it was when we went to a neighbor's house who had a color TV so we could watch The Wonderful World of Disney

I loved these Frito Bandito erasers when I was a kid. See kids? I wasn't making it up!

I made cool designs and pictures with this for years. They sure don't make cool toys like they used to.

Watching the TV show "Romper Room" and the magic mirror. I remember watching and hope she'd say my name lol.

Greatest American Hero - LOVED this show, and still know all the words to the theme song...

TV shows - The Donny & Marie Show Not a vulgar word was uttered, no sex, just real talent and entertainment. Today's television should learn a lesson. It's sickening.