No, I used all my trust up on my ex-boyfriend. I do however have lots of anxiety, suspicion and paranoia to bring to the table.



Just checked my bank account... It said 'Return everything you just bought, except the hooker heels...... you are going to need those'.


Getting into a relationship may seem tempting, but so was getting on the titanic and look what happened there. #livingthesinglelife

That's funny.


Amen to that!


I almost had an "I need a guy moment" but then I was able to get the vodka open. | Weekend Ecard |

For real.

So true. This is how I feel when I think of all the preparation that goes into getting myself and children ready to leave the house.


seriously though

So true :)

Again....story of my life.

i use sentence enhancers quite frequently through my day. can't help that it enhances my life a lot better.