don't worry about making the wrong choice.

So true @Karolyn Shepherd Shepherd Shepherd

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So true.. I used to think that if I'm nice to everyone, they would be nice to me too.. I was wrong :(

We too often turn little things into seemingly insurmountable problems by simply thinking too much . . . If we would just let go and let things fall into place a little more often we could easily make our journey through life a beautiful adventure.


If someone is willing to deceive you in a little thing, chances are that sooner or later he'll deceive you in a big thing. Never believe a wolf in sheep's clothing, he can't help being a liar, but you have a choice to let him go before it's too late... Angela

Worry is self-reliance. We need to remind ourselves that nothing that happens to us is random. God brings every single detail into our experience so that our choices may accumulate into a personality that thinks of other people's concerns as much, or more, than self. (Leon James)



I deal with worrying and anxiety every day it's a battle idk if I'll ever over come but I pray to god a lot when I'm worrying and anxiety and pray to god everyday. I know he has everything under control and he's always there for me and I know this so why does my mind worry and have anxiety


when you surround yourself with people who want to make you a better person, you have found true friendship <3 :)

Its my choice to see the beauty in the cold dark days!

A paradox indeed...and if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.




So True...