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    Totally Awesome 90's Tech Toys

    toys of the 80's

    I didn't have a fancy Tamagotchi.. nope, I had a knockoff Gigapets! #Tamagotchi #Gigapets #Nanopets #90s #childhood #memories

    Wake up to an awesome ringtone on your Nokia... | A Typical Day For A Teenage Boy In The Late 90's

    Toys from 80's

    1980's Toys - Hopper..... this thing was so difficult to use. You could get like 3 jumps out of it TOPS before losing it.


    She-Ra Dolls, actually still have a few of mine lol.

    Trolls | 10 90’s Kids Fads That Should Totally Make AComeback

    skip it!!!

    Nothing in the 90's kept me healthier. lol

    Toys from the 80s

    Puppy Surprise | 55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic @Samantha Mazur @Susan Mazur

    Lite Brite!

    McDonald McNugget toys

    toys from the 80's - Hungry hippos


    Cant afford those expensive designer bags? Check here! Popular toys from the 80s

    barbie's camper, I think my cat Homer liked this more than the barbies did lol.