My future family pet. A Leaf Muntjac deer. So cute and tiny and they make good pets! Ask Audrey Hepburn!

White tailed Deer

Banda Panda Bears

making friends... Polar mama wants to take care of her.... little girl pictures soft dry fur. Unrequited Love.

so little! baby deer

☀Awe.. Bambi ~ Fawn near Lupine by Mike Lentz :)

That is the CUTEST thang!!

what's not to love?



Deer | VSCO | calliope

I need a baby deer.

Baby goat!

It followed me home. Can I keep it?

Cute dumbo rat

why are baby animals so cute? (Someone told me it was due to the "nose to forehead ratio." The shorter the distance, the more appealing.....


So Beautiful...saw one about this same size in our yard last week!

Wild Deer

Baby hedgehogs