Stones glued to felt = hot pad....cute idea!

stone place mats

fantastic Stone Floor Mat Fantastic DIY Stone Floor Mat Free Guide and Tutorial

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12x12 stone tiles from home improvement store, add felt to the bottom for inexpensive placemats or hot pads. Gorgeous!

Just in case you needed to know how to drill holes in rocks. Because you never know what you might need..

River Stone mini shelves/candle holders | great for all those leftover collected rocks from the trips to the beach.

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Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

Looks easy...

super cute idea for a party night!

wine corks glued into a wooden picture frame..I loveee these as hot pads!


Use old book pages and a permanent this idea!

Each cork is cut in half - sand bottom flat if nec.- and placed with hot glue onto a non-adhesive shelf liner with a grip bottom. Work out placement w/o glue first!

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stones - river rock painted white with black designs, doodle, Zentangle.

Mod Podge. Love the stuff, but after a while it can get quite expensive. So for years now I’ve used Elmer's School Glue. I buy it by the gallon and make up the Mod Podge recipe as I need it in a mason jar. Just add half water, half Elmer's glue, replace the lid, shake it up and you’re ready to go. If you need it thicker, use less water! My preferred rate of dilution is 3/4 Glue, 1/4 water.

felted pebble magnets