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Help sage grouse survive and recover by sending a letter of support for the conservation community's "Sage Grouse Recovery Alternative." Falling sage grouse populations are a symptom of the declining health of the "sagebrush sea," which is under attack by oil and gas development, livestock grazing and other activities. Power lines, wind turbines and other tall structures also increase the risk of predation and may cause sage grouse to abandon key habitat.

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Sage Grouse.

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Sage grouse

An important pair of corals urgently needs your help. Elkhorn and staghorn corals are being deprived of a recovery plan that would help guide management necessary for their conservation. urge the federal government to publicly disclose the recovery plan for elkhorn and staghorn corals.

Oil showdown in the Amazon: In the heart of Ecuador, a mega oil company is trying to turn the most pristine rainforest into an oil field. The Sani Isla Kichwa people are bravely resisting, and they have just asked for our help to save their home. Sign this petition now and share it widely -- if 1 million people sign, we’ll build a media storm that forces Correa to pull back.

Double your Donation for Big Cat Conservation! If you hurry you can help Panthera 'Leaders in Big Cat Conservation' reach their goal of raising $250,000 for the research and conservation of endangered cats worldwide. An incredible 100% of your donation is used in the field and for today only (#GivingTuesday) your gift will be matched (raising over $500,000) doubling your impact for these beautiful animals. Photo Credit: Phillip J. Briggs