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  • Tami Vilencia

    King Eider (Somateria Spectabilis), Sea Duck found in the Northern hemisphere, in countries such as Canada, Finland, USA, Russia and others, feeds on shellfish and has sexual dimorphism (physical differences between make and female). BEAUTIFUL.

  • Mel D.

    King Eider Duck (Somateria spectabilis) This pretty little male is beautiful. Next time you shop for a pillow, don't ask for Eider down..give him a life that's not in a pillow. Isn't he cute!

  • Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

    King Eider (Somateria spectabilis) - What a strange but beautiful bird. Or is it a duck? I want something with that blue and green. Love the fading of it.

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King Eider, Alaska.. may bd one reason to go to alaska... haha these are so coool

King Eider (Somateria spectabilis) is a large sea duck that breeds along Northern Hemisphere Arctic coasts of northeast Europe, North America and Asia. The birds spend most of the year in coastal marine ecosystems at high latitudes, and migrate to Arctic tundra to breed in June and July. They lay four to seven eggs in a scrape on the ground lined with grass and down.

King Bird-of-Paradise (Male) - Genetic analysis has shown that birds of paradise belong to the crows & jays avian family. The Paradisaeidae's spectacular array of form & color evolved over the past 20 million years.

. King Bird of Paradise

king bird of paradise (Cicinnurus regius) from New Guinea. Photo Credit: Tim Laman/Australian Museum

King Bird Of Paradise / Cicinnurus regius / Paradisier royal : Le Paradisier royal est une espèce de passereaux de la famille des paradiséidés, la famille des paradisiers ou oiseaux de paradis. Distribution discontinue à travers la Nouvelle-Guinée avec les îles de l’ouest de la Nouvelle-Guinée Occidentale. Wikipédia

King Vulture ----sure doesnt look like our ''southern'' vultures ! #BirdsofPrey

King Vulture. Pure disdain by alan shapiro photography, via Flickr

~~Portrait of the King ~ Kingfisher by Oliver C Wright~~