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  • Michaela Ives

    Bahahaha! This happened....except it was my husband, not Ryan Gosling. ;)

  • Anne Dovel

    This really did make me laugh out loud. I almost never get a pin in my foot...even though I go barefoot in the house most of the time, including in my sewing room. My husband, wears shoes most of the time, but he's always the one to find the pins on the floor. :)

  • Emily Hovorka

    My poor husband. This is why he stays away from the craft room.

  • Paige Jones

    these are SO funny

  • Karen Knight

    you mean the dining room table is for eating and not sewing?

  • Cherri Chaplin

    Hey girl. Don't stress about me stepping on that pin. It's my fault for walking barefoot in the dining room. Ryan Gosling

  • Theresa Excell

    Handmade Ryan Gosling steps on pins - more sewing humor at Melly Sews

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