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the college girl diet

College girl diet or grad school diet :) Set basic rules for yourself and it makes it waaay easier! SUCH A GOOD LIST

He and She Eat Clean: A Guide to Eating Clean... Married!: Clean Eat Education :: What to Eat Before (and After) a Workout

Clean Eat Education: What to Eat Before (and After) a Workout

Want to be toned and tighten up? Read this: What to Eat Before (and After) a Workout. Make your workouts count! Want to be toned and tighten up? Read this: What to Eat Before (and After) a Workout. Make your workouts count!

6 weeks of amazing meal plans.  All laid out and organized for you, just buy the ingredients and put together your meals!

Your Best Body Meal Plan: Week 4

Creative Tonic loves that she swims! The Bloated Bride: Here Comes The (Skinny!) Bride

workout at home I've lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks from diet and exercise and wanted to share tips I use on how to make weight loss easier and m.

Julie helped us update a very important tip    21. Land on the mid foot!  The best part of your foot to land on is mid foot. That way more of the shock of hitting the ground is absorbed before it can travel up your leg and cause shin splints, knee injuries, and even hip and back pain.

101 running tips - reading these was a great reminder that we've all learned something to pass on.

Wednesday plan

Daily Workout Ideas

Exercise Plan: Wednesday 20 min cardio 25 jumping jacks 20 lateral raises 40 front raises per side) 20 shoulder presses

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight | via @SparkPeople #diet #fitness #scale

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

Smart snacks for before and after a workout.

50 Snacks to Eat Before or After Your Workout

“ Pre-Workout Snacks The body works to build muscle and recover 24 hours a day, not just during that one-hour session at the gym. Luckily, smartly timed snacks can give the body the fuel it needs.

well now I know why my thighs got bigger instead of smaller...

Slim down or bulk up; helps you figure out what exercises to do! I find this incredibly useful when figuring out what type of cardio I should do.

The Just 10 Challenge

Not WW but helpful ideas for weight loss by Dr Oz. Rule Cut Out Soda Period. Soda is full of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup. In addition to contributing to weight gain, soda increases your risk of diabetes, bone weakening and tooth decay. Just 10

Losing weight is a task that requires discipline and determination. In order to lose 15 pounds in one month, you will need to lose approximately four pounds per week. One pound is equal to 3,500 calories, so by burning 14,000 calories per week, you can lose approximately 15 pounds in one month.

Join me in my journey to losing weight on a raw food diet that is completely vegan. I'm losing weight and reversing health issues eating raw food

Want to feel fuller while eating less? Use these combinations, try these tricks, eat these foods.

18 things that will help you to kill cravings or feel fuller when you eat health-beauty-fitness