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  • Melissa Anderson

    Funny stuff, good memes

  • Megan Moran

    Like seriously.... Never thought this before. But consider my mind blown!

  • Miya Gray

    Female And Iron Man - #OnlyForU, #funny, #lol, #fun, #humor, #rofl, #gif, #troll, #comics, #meme, #gags, #new, #lol images, #lol gifs, #Funny pictures, #Funny gifs, #haha,

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No electric shocks for me please... Not again

Some images on Pinterest are so silly when you think about them.

that awkward moment when suzanne collins made your childhood and now life. Mind. Blown.

Thank goodness that's there because I would've done the same thing

Smart Health Talk Pick: A thought to keep in mind.. Really hits home as our radio show is on the air with complete freedom to say what we want w/o censorship. We're one of a few privately owned radio stations. Our owner, Fred Lundgren was a farmer for years. Drove his tractor to Washington DC & back for farmers rights. Can reach people all over the world & special as can say what television can't since sponsor money so big. No big money at our station, but have tried to buy out Fred many times.

the truth behind all those cutesy parenting pictures.

total disappointment. To this day I won't get those "things" because THOSE AREN'T GOBSTOPPERS!!

MIND BLOWN<< I already knew this but let's blow your minds some more. It was actually spelled Cera. (You can verify this by turning on subtitles on any of the movies or simply googling it) Which is also exactly how TriCERAtops is spelled. You're welcome. << MY COUSIN'S NAME IS CERA, MAYBE SHE'S A TRICERATOPS TOO OMG

Now that I think about it...I probably wouldn't recognize my clone either... Very interesting!

It makes a scary amount of sense. (Even the last one if I think really hard or not at all.)