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They are made for each other. Honestly, my favorite on-screen couple. How I wish they were real off-screen too. Gah, my heart just melts with this!!!

I honestly don't know which Harrison is best.

Burdened With a Glorious Props Department!

Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this woman.

I would be the happiest kid of all time if this happened on my street!

And this is what inspires customer loyalty Samsung just won my admiration…

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In a busy train station one cold morning, Rob and a crew of 4 other workers are stationed in an attempt to brighten others' day. "Rob wants to give you a high five." A humorous and clean idea some may put in the category of "flash-mob."

I thought he offered the blueberries to banner because banner answered the question correctly so he's like, "Good job, doggie, now you get a treat!"

Tom Hanks 1934 Smith Carona typewriter letter Perfect sentiments to go with the new app!