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    The prescription for female hysteria was usually a good spot of doctor administered vaginal massage until the woman achieved "hysterical paroxysm."

    The nurses behind the Nazi 'Super Race Children': Inside the Aryan breeding wards where boys and girls were given UV treatment if their hair turned brown

    The Very Strange History of Sex Toys- I don't normally post stuff like this but it was interesting facts and every time I see Hamilton Beach products this will pop in my head LOL

    History In Pictures ‏@HistoryInPics Maurice Tillet, a wrestler suffering from acromegaly.He died in 1954, and was the inspiration for the character Shrek

    Youngest girl to ever give birth, Linda Medina. She was 5 years, 7 months and 21 days old when she gave birth to a 6lb baby boy in 1933

    Vintage Vibrator Ad. The first vibrators were developed for doctors to treat hysteria, and who could more quickly deliver the curative "hysterical paroxysm" (orgasm), after which the patient would feel very much improved for a time. HA HA

    The extraordinary life of Maud Allen: Seductive US dancing girl who was sued for being too lewd, outed as a lesbian, and fled London after being branded a German spy who was sleeping with the prime minister's wife.

    Outrageously Offensive Vintage Adverts

    Cocaine was removed from the drink in 1903. | 9 Facts About Coca-Cola’s History That’ll Make You Go "Whoa"

    mental hospital nurses 1936 Absolutely fascinating article if you click through to the website printed in a 1930's LIFE magazine

    Susie King Taylor: first African American army nurse; the only African American woman to publish a memoir of her wartime experiences; also the first African American to teach openly in a school for former slaves in Georgia.

    In 1952, Ruby McCollum, the wealthiest African-American woman in Live Oak, murdered the town’s beloved doctor, a white man named Leroy Adams. She said it was the only way she knew to end six years of rape. The case would help show that a persistent form of bondage plagued the South for a century after the Civil War — “paramour rights,” the assumption that white men had a right to use African-American women for sex.

    1960s vintage advertisement PARTY DOLL Woman Sex Novelty Party Toy Campy Kitsch Sexy Bawdy by Christian Montone, via Flickr

    Beware of Trannys! These Government posters warned soldiers and sailors that they may not actually be enjoying a 'real woman'

    Read caption under spider woman. That's just vile. | 10 More Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Idiots

    Did you know that "In God We Trust" was added to America's paper currency in 1957 in response to the Soviet Union's anti-religious stance and the McCarthyist Communist Cold War Witch-hunt? Now some want to remove as the socialists try to take over our country!

    Victorian Anti-Masturbation Devices: They obsessed with preventing acts of self-love. This terrifying contraption is called a ‘jugum penis.’ It was designed to prevent both masturbation and ‘nocturnal incontinence.’ Should a man become aroused in the middle of the night, this contraption would clamp down, extinguishing both his desire as well as his erection. Medical practitioners believed that masturbation caused a wide range of mental/physical disorders, and could even prove fatal over time.