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    The prescription for female hysteria was usually a good spot of doctor administered vaginal massage until the woman achieved "hysterical paroxysm."

    • Parsley Carrots

      "Here, just let me fix that for you...." Vintage Ad for the Victorian cure for hysteria and "all diseases of the Mid-Quarters"

    • Cynthia Pereira

      OMG...Female hysteria once common medical diagnosis. Today no longer recognized as disorder. During this time, female hysteria was widely associated with sexual dissatisfaction. For this reason, the patients would undergo weekly “pelvic massages.” During these sessions, a doctor would manually stimulate the female’s genitals, until the patient experienced repeated “hysterical paroxysm” (orgasms).

    • Alex C. Renwick

      Victorian ad showing doctor treating woman's "hysteria" by 'pelvic massage'. #history

    • Rebecca Hollis

      Top 10 Shocking Historical Beliefs and Practices - Listverse #1 is just to funny

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    salpetriere ~ "At the end of the 19th century Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot embarked on a decades-long study of hysteria at the famous Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. It was his view that, during a hysteric fit, women would pass through a set of "passionate attitudes" or postures that were universal. The arc de cercle was one of these."

    1950's Vibrator ad (and yes, I'm sure women were using it for their feet...)

    In 1901 a woman in Poiters, France was found having been confined to her room for 24 years by her mother

    'The De-Icer, For the FRIGID Female'. OMG, Does It REALLY Have To LOOK Like a Sausage??!! Vintage Vibrator, Funny Vintage Advertising.

    A rare behind the scenes glimpse of a rather serious looking Victorian (1890s) bride who is being dressed for her big day. #wedding #bride #dress #1800s #Victorian #vintage #19th_century

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    Chas. A. Cyphers This was a doctors vibrator that probably dates from the 1890's. Manufactured by Chas. A. Cyphers, Buffalo, New York, USA *It was medical advice at the time that using a vibrator would cure women of "hysteria".

    Photographer’s Project to Find the Average Face of Women from Each Country...These final portraits are definitely beautiful, the average woman is stunning!

    1950's. No words.

    Penis extenders made of wood, leather, buffalo horn, copper, silver, ivory and gold were commonly used in 300 A.D. in India and the East to assist in pleasuring sexual partners. These extenders made several different cameos in historic documents, including the famed Kama Sutra.

    One of the first mechanical vibrators was the steam-powered Manipulator (pictured up top), invented by Dr. George Taylor in 1869. They were sold as medical devices to treat "hysteria" in women.

    Roman coins used as tokens for entrance to brothels

    Vintage Vibrator Ad. The first vibrators were developed for doctors to treat hysteria, and who could more quickly deliver the curative "hysterical paroxysm" (orgasm), after which the patient would feel very much improved for a time. HA HA

    Prior to the 1850′s in New England, insane people, like this woman from Danvers Massachusetts were auctioned off to the highest bidder to do with as they pleased.

    Unique Images: 50 Weird Vintage Ads

    Annette Kellerman: overcame childhood physical disabilities to become a professional swimmer, vaudeville and silent film star; first woman to wear a one-piece swimsuit ( consequently first to get arrested for it); first major actress to appear fully nude on camera; her water ballets are considered by many to have singlehandedly invented synchronized swimming; she dove into pools full of crocodiles and wrote aquatic fairy tales; a Harvard professor declared her “the perfect woman”

    sexist 1950s wife ads - Google Search

    Oh. My. God.