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The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History

The prescription for female hysteria was usually a good spot of doctor administered vaginal massage until the woman achieved "hysterical paroxysm."

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Marijuana has been medicine for all of human history. End prohibition and give the people back this natural cure!

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Ball Park franks may plump when you cook them, but every girl loves a Big Boner !!

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Inspirational People in Wheelchairs To Follow On Social Media

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Inspirational People in Wheelchairs To Follow On Social Media – KD Smart Chair

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I had every color! They fit great and looked great. The ladies in the dress shop would call me when a new color came in and have me model them. True!

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Uterine Massage Manual repositioning was the office treatment for a retroverted uterus (and "hysteria'), from A Practical Manual of Gynecology, 1891

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Vibrators Cured Hysteria But We Are Still Hysterical

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An article that explains the history and study of Hysteria. A specific note interesting in this article is that the electric vibrator was created 9 years before the electric vacuum.

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The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Character Meals

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Want to dine with Mickey and pals on your next Disneyland vacation? Get the scoop on all 5 Disneyland character meals from a mom and frequent Disneyland visitor who has tried them all!

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Robert F. Kennedy didn't accept his Attorney General pay either...he also donated it all to charity. These two *liberal* men actually lived their convictions.

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Disneyland Hotels Guide

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Are you going on a Disneyland trip soon or planning your travel? Here is a great comparison of over 11 hotels near Disneyland, and how to save big on your vacation