A boat ride for two.

Proposal Idea: On a boat just like "The Little Mermaid" Kiss the Girl" scene...I love the little mermaid!

kissing in the rain~When it rains,it pours.

Actually, that's actress Marlene Dietrich. The soldiers hoisted her up when she told the leaving GI she'd give him a kiss "for luck".


love & lights

Engagement photos

Proposal at a Christmas tree farm. Precious.

Boat: Lake engagement

RP by Splashtablet.com the suction-mount, waterproof iPad, tablet, smartcase. http://www.amazon.com/iPad-Case-Suction-Mount-Waterproof-Kitchen/dp/B00DBCMM2S Grab one under $44 We were in stitches when the girls picked out a row boat, they don't understand that it is a proposal, including the Tiffany box. They recognize the location as Central Park.

hiking proposal



What an adorable proposal idea!

Top 10 proposal videos ... for whenever you need a pick-me-up. bawled my eyes out!

okay cute


Such a cute proposal :) | http://weddingpartyapp.com/blog/2013/12/03/cool-way-announce-engagement-unique-creative/

see ya later, aligator