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    Highrise, the NFB collaborative documentary about vertical living around the world.

    • Joel Fauntleroy

      The whole concept of re-imagining the high-rise is a wonderful idea. Using open source web development to do so makes this project that much more intriguing.

    • Collier Ward

      #Transmedia #Highrise #Pinterest ~ "An Emmy-winning, multi-year, many-media, collaborative documentary experiment at the National Film Board of Canada, that explores vertical living around the world."

    • The Other Way Works

      Highrise - an interactive documentary Gives a glimpse of life around the world.

    • Careers in Construction - Skilled Trades

      A Short History of the Highrise - great interactive documentary from Roman times to the present.

    • Jake Vaughan Another documentary from the NFB of Canada exploring the history of the modern multistory apartment buildings or "highrises'. Using video to tell the bones of the story and interactive click and drag interface to further explore the separate themes from each video, giving the user an extremely detailed look into the history and development of the highrise in the years they have been created.

    • Toby Wren

      Highrise transmedia project.

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    Water life - great example of transmedia work #NMN

    Experience the final chapter of the acclaimed HIGHRISE project. Universe Within is a digital documentary that reveals the hidden digital lives of highrise residents around the world.

    "Old Media" Stats.

    outmywindow.nfb.c... Out Of My Window is another documentary by Katerina Cizek and the NFB. It is a non linear interface linked with another project 'Highrise'. This project shows 360° photomontage taken in various different peoples highrise apartments from around the world. It shows the various differences and similarities to different cultures in similar buildings, and how they change around the globe.

    Offshore is a Web Documentary that explores the dark waters of the global offshore oil industry. #NMN

    (A film about filmmaking. Sort of.) Argo takes the top accolade at this year’s #Oscars

    The Times will debut a four-part documentary series about residential highrise buildings at the New York Film Festival on Sept. 30 in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada, and then publish it on the Times' website in October. Rather than simply throw up some videos, the Times has designed the series to be interactive with an eye specifically to the tablet experience.

    Mapping Main Street » A Collaborative Documentary Media Project

    The Last Hunt is an Interactive film from The National Film Board of Canada that narrates photographer Alexi Hobb's grandfathers last hunting expedition.

    Here's an article from Olga Potashova about the iconic #architectural #film, "The Fountainhead."

    "I think the enemy of [film] is of course reality, and films are best when they manage poetry by reducing the element of reality and introducing something which is the invention of the filmmaker. - Orson Welles"

    What if all of Canada lived in one city? The size of Canada's major cities if the entire population moved in, considering each city's current density. Made by Amanda Shendruk [822x795] - Imgur

    (This is new to me. I'll have to check it out!) "In Defence of the Virtual: A Brief History of Ballardian Film Adaptations"

    "How social-media is changing the business of blockbuster movies" [Infographic]

    #Transmedia #Infographic on #Pinterest

    Privilege - Peter Watkins - . The film was greatly influenced by the award-winning 1962 Wolf Koenig/Roman Kroitor National Film Board of Canada documentary Lonely Boy, which in cinema verité style follows the growing hysteria surrounding then teen idol Paul Anka, with some scenes (notably that showing Steven Shorter at a table with a venue owner named “Uncle Julie” in both) being almost one-to-one reproductions of the earlier work. Director Watkins made a study of this doco.

    The Institute documentary on Games of Nonchalance (SF alternate reality game)

    Two short reflections on original transmedia projects.

    Door into the Dark is documentary as physical experience, using geo-locative technology constructed at the Pervasive Media Studio to facilitate a multi-sensory narrative. Come prepared for a journey into the unknown. You will be able to sign up for Door Into the Dark online at or at the Delegate Centre. The Door Into the Dark experience takes 35 minutes and spaces are limited.

    (Upcoming film adaptation of the Thomas Kelly novel, "Empire Rising")