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Wendigo (WIN-di-goh, Algonquian evil spirit or cannibal) are savage, human-like Wesen that are Man-eaters, and are said to have breath like burnt flesh. When woged they grow short snow-white fur over their body, the teeth develop into needle-like fangs and the nails grow into long curved claws. They are known to store the remains of past meals in pits near their dining area and in some places underground.

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Skalenzahne: German - Scaled Tooth; Crocodile-like Wesen

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3/19/14 10:16a "Grimm" Coyotl: Nahuatl (Aztec) - Coyote Wesen


Creatures found in Aunt Marie's Wesen book, season 1

Wesen from season 1 of #Grimm Slideshow

Klaustreich - Cat-like creatures known for being jerks in the Wesen community. Violent and abusive.

Löwen - Known for capturing Wesen and using them for profit in underground fighting matches.

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'Grimm' season 2 First Look

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