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Ziegevolk: German - Goat Folks; Goat-like Wesen

Wendigo (WIN-di-goh, Algonquian evil spirit or cannibal) are savage, human-like Wesen that are Man-eaters, and are said to have breath like burnt flesh. When woged they grow short snow-white fur over their body, the teeth develop into needle-like fangs and the nails grow into long curved claws. They are known to store the remains of past meals in pits near their dining area and in some places underground.

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Ziegevolk: Goat-like creatures with seductive powers.

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Coyotl: Nahuatl (Aztec) - Coyote; Coyote-like Wesen

Klaustreich - Cat-like creatures known for being jerks in the Wesen community. Violent and abusive.

Skalenzahnen are crocodile or alligator-like Wesen. They are relatively peaceful in human society, unless they taste human flesh, which can cause them to become violent, craving human meat. They are popular contenders in the Lowen games, because of their violent nature and apparent enjoyment of the fighting.GRIMM

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Löwen (LOH-ən) are lion-like Wesen that run gladiatorial games in which creatures are forced to fight each other to the death. The games have survived since ancient Rome because the Löwen allow bets to be placed on the fights. Löwen keep to themselves, existing much as a lion's pride, and try not to let details about them or the games get out. Like Blutbladen, they appear to have a strong sense of smell. Derived from the German word "Löwe" which means lion.

Malin Fatal - MAH-leh fə-TAL (In French: Malin "malicious" + Fatal "fatal") Boar-like creature

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Löwen - Known for capturing Wesen and using them for profit in underground fighting matches.

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Jägerbar: German - Hunter Bear; Bear-like Wesen

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Steinadler: German - Golden Eagle; Hawk-like Wesen

Skalengeck: German - Scaled Dude; Lizard-like Wesen