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    A Ziegevolk (TSEE-guh-folk; Ger. Ziege "goat"+ Volk "people") is a goat-like Wesen that first appeared in "Lonelyhearts". When Ziegevolk woge, they grow hair over most of their bodies, their faces become flatter, and their ears become pointed. Like actual goats, they have small horns just above thei...

    Ziegevolk: German - Goat Folks; Goat-like Wesen

    2y Saved to Grimm Wesen


    • Charles Perez

      Ziegevolk (pronunciation: TSEE-guh-fohlk; Germ. Ziege "goat" + Volk "people") is a goat-like Wesen that are also known as "Bluebeards". They like to be in the public eye. In spite of the Bluebeard connection, the Ziegevolk bear much closer resemblance to the Greek satyrs, goat-men who was associated with orgiastic debauchery.

    • battyward

      Ziegevolk: German - Goat Folks; Goat-like Wesen (Grimm)

    • Jason Gildersleeve

      Wesen - Grimm Wiki

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    Ziegevolk: Goat-like creatures with seductive powers.

    Ziegevolk: German - Goat Folks; Goat-like Wesen

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