Wine cork necklace hangers...handmade for my store by a dear family friend

Cork Board with Wine Barrel Ring Border....Wendy I need your wine corks now lol I don't drink enough wine to do this lol


getting some dollar store glasses to do this!

Cute Handmade Cork Coaster Holiday Gift!

Wine Corks

Shoe hangers

hanger + shower curtain rings = scarf hanger... I have this in my room!

Stylish ways to store jewellery

With just a few supplies from the hardware store, create a rustic $15 DIY wine rack

best wine glass ever.

Wine Cork Magnets DIY Set of 5. @courtneyblu is it you that has a bunch of wine corks to crafts with??

Wine Bottle Uses

wine bottle vase

Crafty Uses For Old Wine Corks – 30 Pics

coasters from corks and old picture frames

Wine Glasses - Hand Painted

Wine Cork Ornaments

Recycled wine bottles

Decorative Wine Bottles