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  • Kimberly Morris

    25 New Ways to Use Your Old Stuff : Old ladder used in laundry room as drying rack.

  • Stephania Roeder

    When laundry time comes around, do you find yourself hanging damp clothes all over the house? We thought so. Rebecca Kuenzi needed somewhere to hang-dry her clothes without taking over her small laundry room. She immediately found the perfect use for an old wooden ladder she had wanted to put to use. She cut the ladder in half, painted it turquoise and screwed four hooks into the top. She then added chain links and hung it directly from the ceiling. To hang her clothes from the ladder, she added multiple shower curtain hooks to each rail. Now clothing can be hung with ease and the drying rack can stay out of the way when not in use.

  • Linda Klaasen

    Laundry room ideas, cute.

  • Susan Hughes Peterson

    Ladder Drying Rack - Repurposing Everyday Items for a More Organized Home on HGTV

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Install a drying rack. A clothes dryer uses a lot of energy, so why not give it a break and air dry? Installing a wall-mounted unit like the one shown here won't get in the way in smaller laundry rooms and will help you air dry your clothes in rain or shine. Browse drying racks I also love the finish on these cabinets

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