“I took her iPhone. Changed the contact name. Placed it back next to her. I called. She Answered.” This guy deserves a medal.

Every person needs to read this.

if only real guys were like this!!!

best. idea.ever.

awwww! My husband BEST be this good! ;)


I always wondered


cute idea

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Change the way U think :-)

I want someone to love me like carl loved ellie.....i love this movie it makes me cry everytime i watch it

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I want an iPhone purely for this reason

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I haven't felt safe with a guy for years. When I did, there would always be this moment where they would let me know emotionally and physically I was truly alone and on my own. They let me know I really had no one. They say men supposed to make you feel safe, for as long as I can remember they have just made me feel expendable. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB

so relatable. @Ellie Winter Best Friends Forever :)

super cute :)

This is so Orrin Wesley!! I love you baby doll! You are my life! My smile! My love! My world! I'm so proud of you!!! You're PERFECT for ME!

well played.