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When I make art, I enter a spontaneous moment of surrender, I set my camera’s timer for ten seconds and run in front of the lens before the shutter snaps. The movements of my body in front of the camera become my asanas. My breathing naturally enters into a pranayama-like beat. And I’d like to think that, as I enter my creative zone, my pointed concentration would surely make sage Patanjali proud.

Really good demonstration of the transition from resting first to fifth.

Film photo by Elizabeth Messina, who is known to greatly overexpose her film to create a signature luminous quality.


Photographer: Daniel Matras​ Model: Ewelina Żydziak

VIEW SERIES: Photographer: Linda Tran Model: Miyuki Hara Processor: Little Film Lab

Photographer: Allistar Peters - Omorphy Photos​ Model: Viktoria​

Photographer: Jodie Edom - JeMode Votre Beaute Hair/Makeup/Model: Ingrid Peregrina Studio: JeMode Photography Studios

PHOTO STUDIO: abstract human form

HyunMoo: Abstract Human Form

Photographer: Sonja Saur Makeup/Model: Rachel Sigmon

Model: Ksenia Vasylchenko | Photographer: Joe Moe -- Portrait - Boudoir - Red - Photography - Pose

Photographer: Cezary Korpal

MILK - Calendar 2013 - Liquid Illustrations by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, via Behance

Photographer: Ian Cashman - Cashman Photographer Model: Anita De Bauch

by Andre Brito

birikforever:Imogen Cunningham - Side, 1928

by Klaus Kampert


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by Brett Weston

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