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Splash Bash Cookies

Serves 1

Baking & Spices

1 Brown sugar, granulated
1 Copper icing color
1 Golden yellow icing color
1 Icing color, Brown
1 Icing color, Black
1 Icing color, Orange
1 Icing color, Red Red
1 Kelly green icing color
1 Meringue, Powder
1 Pink icing color
1 Large Batch Roll-out cookie dough
1 Royal blue icing color
1 Royal icing
1 Violet icing color


1 Candy corn
1 Hollow-center round candies, White
1 Striped candy sticks


Striped gum
  • Julie

    Pool Party Cake with Splash Bash Cookies

  • Angie Penner

    This is too adorable!! Dive into summer with Splash Bash Cookies! Craft a swimming pool from a craft block, square cookies, and striped candy. Use the pool as a platform for showcasing bathing-suited cookies formed with a Gingerbread Boy Metal Cookie Cutter.

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