Fixing Barbie Hair - every mother must know!

Seriously?! Where was this when I was little!! How To Fix Frizzy Doll Hair - Perfect for Ponies!

Doll hairspray

I'm so redoing Ava's dolls to make them younger and sweeter looking

One never knows when one might have to untangle matted Barbie hair...

How to fix Barbie hair...wish I would have known this a long time ago.

Someday I will be such an awesome mom for pinning this... :)

I Will Never Buy Detangler Spray Again.....The BEST Homemade Hair Detangler Spray

Barbie Chanel Style Boy Handbag

How to Escape from Zip Ties. Seriously good to know, and probably a good thing to teach your kids as well. Just in case....

NEWSFLASH: you are definitely wearing the wrong size bra. This guide to bra fit will change your life. Every word truth!! I have the right fix but I still have problems with them no matter what. :(

doll hair detangler

72 ways to cut your spending by 400 a month and save 4000 a year...Pin now, read later, cause this list is FULL of great ideas!!

Who knew

Pin now, read later.

This woman is amazing! She has inspired me to be as organized and frugal as possible when it comes to grocery shopping. She feeds 6 people for $200 a month, and posts her shopping trips and meal plans. Pin now read later

Turn a bar of soap into 10 cups of liquid soap.

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting - make some bubble wrap "boots" then dip in paint and stomp around to create art!

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Fun Soap - making washing little hands FUN ~