Wow.. this is every girls heart's desire when it comes to how they want to be loved. Except I don't mind being called babe.

What do they always say..."Wish in want hand, Shit in the other and see which one fills up faster!" Yep that's about right!!! LOL!!

I AM A GIRL :) Yes, we still do exist! :) #quotes #girlthing

waiting for this man

secret guide to understanding man

This is worth waiting for.

oh how true..


If that one boy found this Pinterest board I would be doomed #crush

i love this. <3


3 things guys should want to change about his girl, kid cudi, quote

Can't wait to find this :)

Do it. She's worth it

I got my dream guy :)

Ahh, my true soul mate!! Our love will last forever and beyond!! Of this I am certain and confident of, no doubt, & no question!!!

Ahhh, I have found that unbelievably amazing, wonderful, beautiful and loving "someone", and I will NEVER EVER LET GO!!! <3

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Cant wait until this happens :)

i want a boy who would ........

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