Add to this that he loves God and has a relationship with him. Then it'd be a perfect list(:

secret guide to understanding man

I AM A GIRL :) Yes, we still do exist! :) #quotes #girlthing


What do they always say..."Wish in want hand, Shit in the other and see which one fills up faster!" Yep that's about right!!! LOL!!

I wish you had asked me these questions, because I would have had the same answers. <3

oh how true..


guys, it's simple - that what I want in a guy

He's still going to love you. <3

I have a crush here but I think that he thinks I'm weird and awkward ... Idk I really like him though--my crush does almost all of this and I'm like "dude just love me!" it sucks cause he likes my friend and my friend likes him so I'm like "just date him" so yeah. I'm forever alone :\

perfect <3

i like boys who are alot taller than me, smell good, and give great hugs. so, uh, you. Ha I will find you

Like this

Dream Guy

remember this....

Words for every woman to live by...

So true!

Isn't that the truth?,,,:)