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Humor In Dites & Fitness ☤ MD ☞✪ Randy Glasbergen. The healthiest part of a donut is the hole. Unfortunately you have to eat through the rest of the donut


SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsIf you haven't exercised in awhile, you may need to stretch and warm up before you stretch and warm up.

Now that the pyramid has been replaced with the "plate," we can all be round! ;-) | via @SparkPeople #funny #cartoon #humor


SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsI must be eating right. I'm narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, just like the Food Pyramid!

We don't have a diet menu, but for $3.99 you can lick the stains off a tablecloth.


“A great way for to lose weight is to eat naked in front of a mirror. The Old Townhouse Restaurant will almost always throw you out before you can eat too much.

SparkPeople Funnies

SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsIf dieting and exercise make us hungry, then the key to weight loss is eating and napping!

Humor In Dites & Fitness  SparkPeople Funnies

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Myth Buster ..

Diet myth # Eating the candles on your birthday cake helps you burn calories.

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SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsI have one pill that blocks fat, one pill that blocks carbs, and one pill that blocks the kitchen door.

Do you feel that it is impossible to lose weight? Have you tried several diets and none of them worked for you? Stop dieting - learn to eat well-balanced meals and snacks - maintain a healthy weight for life. We offer FREE self-help tools, nutrition tips, exercise videos, apps and much more - https://fitnspicyliving.com/nutritiontips/detail/1/tips-for-successful-weight-loss Stay Fit n Spicy! :)

SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsI can't change my height. I can't change my eye color. I can't change the size of my feet. What makes you think I can change my weight?

Lawyer jokes

SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsWell, we can try, Ma'am. But to my knowledge, nobody has ever sued a dressing room mirror before.

Thanks for saying my face looks like I'm ill with no makeup

Today I didn't wear makeup. Four people asked me if I was feeling okay.Thanks for thinking my real face looks like I am physically ill.

Well, maybe I'm not finally comfortable with myself, but my skin is definitely larger


SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsAfter all these years, I'm finally comfortable in my own skin.