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  • Megan Sprinkle

    Praline Brookies. Ingredients: brownie mix, veg oil, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, brown sugar, pecans, vanilla, refrigeraed chocolate chips cookies

  • Judy Costa

    A twist to my chocolate chip cookie dough brownies...a praline layer and baked.

  • Pam Shuttlesworth

    Praline brookies - where cookie dough is baked on top of brownie batter, are taken to a new level with the introduction of a praline layer.

  • Marcia Moore

    Praline Brookies - Awesome brownie cookie recipe!

  • Chris O'Reilly

    Easy and yummy dessert!

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Praline Brownies - These are spectacular! If you bring these to a party, don't expect to come home with any left!

Praline Brownies - brownies topped with a delicious praline frosting!

Brookies: Moist, chewy, chocolatey interior - light, flaky, crispy exterior; everything you love about a brownie in the convenient, sticky-finger-free size and shape of a cookie.

BROOKIES!!!! Make brownie and cookie mixes according to box directions, put brownie mix in each well of your pan then drop cookie dough on top. Bake as directed on box BUT start checking about half way through the directed time so your brownies stay moist (remember they are a smaller cook area when made as a muffin size and it will vary a little for each oven)

Brookies... Brownies and cookies. MIND BLOWN

Brownies and cookies come together in this irresistible treat from Matt Lewis of Brooklyn's Baked bakery.

Muffin in a Mug in under 2 minutes! 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup flour 2 tbsp cocoa pinch of salt 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp water (ice cream optional) 1) add all dry ingredients 2) add oil and water 3) mix until consistent 4) microwave for 1min 40 sec (times vary) 5) remove (add ice cream) ENJOY!

Praline Brownies.. simple brownies with a gorgeously thick layer of praline topping!