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  • Tammy Zylman

    Cow Photobombing A Horse Stuck In ... This is so funny to me!

  • Maria

    Palegirl via nprfreshair: I mean, can’t a horse have her awkward moment of fame? - Heidi [via]

  • Tracy DeLeon

    funny photos, cow photobombing a horse stuck in a fence @Lisa Seitz

  • KT MC

    This photobombing bovine. | 12 Shockingly Cool Photos

  • Kea Clearsky

    Humor Train - Funny Pictures, Updated Daily.

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This is totally my cat when small kids are here.

I would so give these students A's for effort! LoL.

The only thing in Australia that won’t kill you. He just wants to be your best friend. It's still a spider.

i must be tired or something. I have tears I am laughing so hard. (and my husband is sitting on the couch shaking his head...)

LOL! Australia :) --things like this, this is why I love Pinterest

Can't stop laughing!>>> after this is us, we went to Target and moved every Taylor Swift CD to horror

Everyone needs an education... Not only for what you learn in class, but for what you learn about yourself and the rest of the world. Getting an education is a huge part of personal growth and this is something I realized in undergrad, but it really hit home in grad school. The more education you get the better! Remember that.

Some people really need this background…I know some extremely rude people who are constantly checking their phones while I am trying to have a conversation with them. They text, play games, make calls, & take calls while others are trying to talk face to face. It is rude and disrespectful.

Giant Hornets...nasty...But hilarious! Lol