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Желтый укороченный жакет, вязаный спицами

Easy Knit Sweater -- 3 rectangles. Size 10 needles. 47 stitches for all pieces. Longer in the back. Crochet hook seam.

Patternworksfrom Patternworks

PatternWorks Fast Knit Vest Pattern

Nice weekend project, maybe in a soft blue...

The 3rd Piecefrom The 3rd Piece

The Kristen

chunky knit body and crochet sleeves - genius

sewing knitted pieces together: I used this...I'm not sure my finished product looked like this one, but it was my first knitting project, so it was most likely my execution.

Corinne cardigan by Crystal Erb Junkins. Almost seamless, knit from side to side in one piece. Free pattern

m.i.l.c.h.schaum: Shrug is knit in one piece , which measures approx. 70 x 95 cm. Cast on 64 sts on needle size 12 and knit moss stitch (= 1 , purl 1 row to go, and on the following rows purl over K and P over K ) . Work until piece measures 20 cm . Then continue in stockinette until piece measures 95 cm. Cast off loosely. Assembly: Fold the piece in half and sew side seams together , but leave a gap of approx . 21 cm stand for armhole.

Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

Get Foxy with The Bushcrafter

Easy fox free knitting pattern