Luxury bath


Creamy, soft pearls… / #elegance

Necklace length chart


BVLGARI Emeralds from Richard Burton to LizTaylor



Rajani Tahitian pearl pendant warm charcoal pearl by LusterWear


Not typically my style. However it has butterflies! I believe my argument is valid. (:

Gorgeous! @}-,-;--

Layering - Raw Amethyst Slice Necklace Order of pendants- shapes

Pearl and diamond ring by Autore.

engagement ring idea

Beautiful Cartier ring

luxury lifestyle

A work of Art! Cartier Biennale Necklace - Platinum, one 236.27-carat aquamarine, one natural pearl, facetted aquamarine beads, baguette-cut diamonds, brilliants. Circa 2012

Cartier Trinity Ring w/ Stars

The worlds largest diamond ever found the Cullinan Diamond was cut up to make the british crown Jewels. Some of which produced Cullinan III and IV Brooch, commissioned by Queen Mary in 1911, and the Delhi Durbar Necklace and Cullinan Pendant