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daffodils! Across the street from our first home the neighbors had an empty lot. We moved in during Jan. and in March of that year I looked out my front window one morning and saw a scene very much like this! It was breathtaking and for the 14 years we lived there I loved every spring watching for the daffodils. I'm sure Mrs. Esham (who planted the flowers) is long gone, but thank you anyway!

the world would be better if everyone had daffodils in their windows

Pretty Easter display fill it with some christmas balls and a few on the wreath and some paperwhites Christmas!

Autumn 1910 Nursey Catalogue: BULBS & SEEDS - D.M. Ferry & Co. Detroit, Michigan Daffodils

just how long did it take to get THIS shot? lol

Okay, so is "An Abundance of Katherines" any good? I want to read it, but you know John Green :/