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    So darn cute

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    Dogie braided ping tails

    this is so cute


    Classy chihuahua toupee


    How cute how lovely how smaller dog! my honey is . adorable ! #whosepet #forudesigns #pets #animal #dog #puppy #great

    These two are just adorable.

    Dorothy? I'll get you my pretty and your little dog.. too...wait, you are a little dog... (that's one way to confuse the witch)



    Tell 'em.

    Precious puppies & Nordstrom... what more could a girl want?

    My dog is cooler than your dog.

    Fling 'mop' by Tim Flach

    hot dog. yup i went there.

    Super dog. (KO) Just wrong. Bad and wrong, human who is owned be this doggie! Super cute though. People who live in HOT WEATHER zones: skip the doggie or kitty or whatever costumes when it's hot! Pets suffer terribly in high heat and being forced into a costume on hot days is just cruel! If you wouldn't put a getup on yourself when it's hot, show the same kindness to your animal!


    Just act normal and he won't realize we're dogs...

    i love great danes!!!

    oh the cuteness!!!!!