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Optically, Blue appears to recede when placed beside another color. During the 1950's and 1960's, artist Hans Hoffman developed and taught the 'Push - Pull Theory of Abstract Expressionism'. Using his theory, an artist would use Blue if he wanted to give the impression that a dab of paint appeared further away than the others.

Beautiful shades of perfect evening. Pink, purple, yellow and other colors of sunset.

purple garden - Google Search

Indigo -- This is beautiful, but it's also an inside joke for me and my kids. (We saw a documentary where a scientist was desperate to find the color indigo. Well, you had to be there.)

Meaning of red differs from culture to culture. In China, red symbolizes joy and hapiness, while in Europe danger and "stop". In Russia, color red is reserved for anything related to communism.

wedding cake...yes if they don't fly away with it first...too to much...wing on the fly here

love the simpleness and the idea of filling beautiful nude hued baskets filled with lavender or dried flowers for one of our rustic weddings in italy