• Shayna Stanecki

    so true! story of my life.

  • Courtney Renee

    She could also be thinking about what to have for lunch, that girl at work who is a stone fox, going to IKEA, her next knitting project, a basket of puppies, how to cure cancer, what a dumbass you are for freaking out when she is quiet, or she might be meditating. (Crying inside? Who writes this crap?) hahaha so true

  • Betsy S.

    so true! I usually just need a hug.

  • Haley Wolf

    Country Girl Quotes And Sayings - Bing Images... so true

  • Cassandra Morrison

    It's difficult being a girl!

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This is def my problem


Now that's a good idea.

I've done that, been that, had that, felt that, needed that, lost that and wanted that... Reasons why I drink to 'that'.

Oh my God. This is so true it hurts.

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I'm a licker, not a biter 👅

late anyways



Small gang

VRT...if it's got an acronym it must be real


John Barrowman