My paw obsession

oh my goodness!

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Kitten torpedo//


when there is no one who can say the words "I love you"...those blessed little creatures will always find a way to remind us that we matter....

Love kitten paws and pads!

Ha ha!

warm and fresh!

pastel kitten paws patch - lavender #holidaygpu #onlinepopup

Happy cat :) You Gotta Stop and Smell the Roses.....

"The Hangover" :)

"This is my cat Max. He wandered into our lives a while ago after being severely neglected by our neighbours down the street. He likes jumping at the screen door. He thinks it’s open, and he gets stuck every time."

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mission impawsible

when you love cats, you love the paws too!

This cat who forgot how to curl up and sit like a cat on a comfy couch. | 29 Cats That Forgot How To Cat

paws in the air


Cat lady love.