Giclee Fine Art Print Allusion Print by yellena on Etsy (Art & Collectibles, Prints, abstract, red, black, drawing, stripes, whimsical, wall art, home decor, pen and ink, illustration, yellena james, affordable art, poster)

stunning hand-painting. Soooo trippy!

New York conceptual artist Nobutaka Aozaki is exploring the act of asking for directions in his ongoing art piece, Here to There, by gathering a collection of impromptu hand-drawn maps he obtains from complete strangers.

Do-Ho Suh - Some/One, 2001. Installation view at Korean Pavilion, Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy. Stainless steel military dog tags, nickel-plated copper sheets, steel structure, glass fiber reinforced resin, rubber sheets. Figure: 81 x 126 inches diameter; overall dimensions: 85 1/2 x 281 1/2 x 356 inches.

Mariana Fossatti, visual artist from Montevideo, Uruguay, a little country of South America. I will show you some things I produce in my workshop: a lot of collages, photos and some drawings. I’ve been working in collage as a way of artistic expression for some years. I use paper, cardboard, magazine clippings, vintage ephemera and all kind of things.

geometric love no.1 art print. $24.00, via Etsy. by lovelysweetwilliam

5 by Emma McNally

'freddie' by NYC mixed media artist Veronica Leto. magazine ephemera, acrylic paint, ink. This very interesting image...


michael keck

‘Decoding the Jungle #5′, acrylic and varnish on canvas, 76 x 101 cm by Melbourne artist Barbara Kitallides for her upcoming solo show – our...

Sergej Jensen

linda vachon

Remembrances from nature by Isaac Cordal, via Flickr

May the art be with you | Mr Brainwash, London

Mediterranean reflections • artist: Vicente Romero Redondo..I would like to paint the ocean and try to get this effect.....

That's amazing

John William Waterhouse

21045 - Linda Vachon

Frederick Little Packer

David Walker, Live painting, Artcurial, Paris 8e, Février 2014