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Monami pastel boya

Totally Hair Barbie. I know I had this.. I kept putting gel on this very long haired Barbie and she had this type of outfit. Yup, this was it.

Do they even make this anymore?

Brownie time

Itsy Bitsy Spider

loved these

I Remember These!

Loved this!

The only time I could talk to my friends during class was when getting out a book from the under desk shelf.


El sonido del cuco

le téléphone de la rue Fernand Thuillart.....

My family growing up in the 80's had a phone like this. Now it's considered "vintage!" :) Vintage Cream Push Button Phone by luola on Etsy - $35.00


Ladybird Books - Little Red Riding Hood by Bollops, via Flickr

PIGGY BANK??? Pink Lamby Love Vintage Squeaky Toy 1950's -- this baby held my bottle in my baby bed....but it was the 60's instead. Oops! Gave my age away! :)

Trolls - came in mini ones as well that fit on the end of a pencil - this rainbow one was my favorite

Stereos kept changing in trend. Silver here. Then, by the md 80's, everyone wanted black. Then, with the new millennium, back to silver. Now TVs are black again. And stereos... are iPods. ;-) - Mary

Oh, yes. I rocked these. Mom made me.

Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!