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BRILLIANT!!!! Changed my life, as far as knitting goes anyway....Continental Knitting; the Norwegian Purl

Pinner says: I use this all the time, so just had to repin it for others to learn. Seriously once you master it, you'll never want to do it any other way. Also there are lots of photos and a video to help you learn. Foundation single crochet, this is an excellent tutorial for this fabulous method for your first two rows, keeps them from getting too tight, and it's very easy.

From Jimmy Bean: How To Do Yarn Overs Four Different Ways. Did you know that there are many ways to do a yarn over (YO)? We didn't either, until Terry shared her knowledge of YOs with us. In this instructional video, she shares it with you as well! Find out the various ways to knit a YO depending on whether you are knitting or purling - and the next time you need to YO, you'll be an expert!

"Flicking" is a fast, but unusual, way of knitting right-handed. Because the right needle is never released to wrap the yarn, it is comparable to the speed of continental knitting.

How to Make Jogless Stripes in Circular Knitting on youtube (by Knit Purl Hunter): Fantastic tip – and so simple too!