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A 30-question multiple choice quiz designed to assess student comprehension of the main ideas of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. #teachers #lessons

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Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice

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Letter from Birmingham Jail Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary Lesson for MLK's Letter from Birmingham Jail. This #lesson includes a variety of fun, effective activities developed to help students learn and retain the meanings of difficult vocabulary words in King's famous treatise on Civil Rights. #teachers

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Shedding a light on the psyche of war: Zippo lighters from U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam give a unique insight into life under fire

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One of the pages in the Reasons and Evidence Unit by The Teacher Next door. Great practice with comprehension as well as citing evidence. $

March for the Dream: A Martin Luther King, Jr. Math Lesson. Students use a scaled drawing of the National Mall to determine its actual area. Appropriate for both middle and high school classes. Addresses four Common Core Standards. #commoncore #ELA #teachers #English #lessonplans #elementaryschool #highschool #middleschool #curriculum #math

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Letter from Birmingham Jail — “A Call for Unity” Discussion Activity

Discussion Activity. In this activity students will enjoy role playing as one of the writers of “A Call for Unity,” a letter written by prominent Alabama clergymen that served as the catalyst for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail." #teachers #lessons