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Letter from Birmingham Jail Background Knowledge Infographic. In this focusing activity for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, students will experiment with a fun and effective technological tool for conveying complex information as well as learn the background knowledge necessary for a thorough comprehension of King's letter. #teachers #lessons

Interesting facts about Martin Luther King, Jr. you may not know. #mlk #infographics

Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail: A #Commoncore Nonfiction Unit. 71 pages of #lessons designed to help students understand and appreciate one of the most famous treatises on Civil Rights. Through this important primary document, students vicariously experience King's struggles and learn the principles of nonviolent protest, principles that have been adopted worldwide in humanity's never-ending struggle for freedom and equality. Suitable for #history and #English #teachers.

MISSISSIPPI BURNING ( 2 units combined) Included in this unit are the following: ➢ Five words to define and two questions to answer before watching the film. ➢ 11 questions to answer while watching the film. ➢ Three questions to answer after watching the film. Two of these questions ask for comparisons to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. ➢ Definitions to the five words; information about the real ‘Mississippi Burning’ case. ➢ 15 multiple-choice questions and answers. $

An estimated 300,000 marchers listened to Martin Luther King, Jr.s I Have a Dream speech on August 28, 1963. But just how densely packed was the National Mall that day?In this assignment, students use a scaled drawing of the National Mall to determine its actual area.

ONE SHEET on King Lear. Traditionally one sheets are single page documents that summarize a person’s accomplishments, a product, or a film. They sometimes are used to introduce new artists and/or films. They usually contain an image or two, biographical information, and taglines. I have created these one sheets to help summarize plot points or key quotations. There are also 3 pages of teacher notes and a slide presentation.

Inspire teens already love it and can't put it down! Support teachers who prefer it because it teaches human values through choices we make in real life situations. Movie now out on DVD!