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French Direct Objects - Agreement in Passé Composé - Complément d'Object Direct

This is a worksheet I've designed to give you a little something extra from what you'll find in a classic textbook. You've been working on the passé composé, delving into the all important question: When should you make agreement on the past participle?

French Passé composé notes and activities packet

15 pages of notes and activities to help your students master or review the passé composé. Great for the first time or as a refresher for advanced classes. This product contains: * Notes on how to conjugate with avoir * Practice conjugating regular verbs * Notes and practice on using negative sentences * 10 irregular past participles (faire, avoir, être, dire, mettre, promettre, prendre, comprendre, voir, boire) - notes and practice * aller in the passé composé - notes, rules of ...

Les mots de liaison (les connecteurs logiques)

Jeux de l'oie - questions d'oral pour le leaving Cert | POURQUOI PAS... EN FRANÇAIS ? |


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Quelle heure est-il?

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