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Lol, I've felt like this before!

Pretty much my exact reaction pahahaha!

Baby Rappers, yo via b5media:theamericankid; Flavorpill

I'm still blown away that most girls were impressed by the first part. I was always impressed by the library...and the fact that Belle could sing, read, and walk through a crowd of people all at the same time.

And what's even funnier is that those are the exact same glasses that I have too.. Lol

Petting a dog vs. petting a cat...

Tru dat my friends; willing to lose a 9yo kid over a game of trouble ANYDAY!

Gilmore Girls, Scandal, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, One Tree Hill and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

hahaha. Sheldon vs. House vs. Capt. Jack vs. Sherlock vs. Tony Stark....the winner would be either Sheldon or Sherlock.

You also never know how awesome your friends are until you have to attempt to make new ones!! Seriously. I have awesome friends :)