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    • Lindsey Golden

      Take a hint guys... its not cute.

    • Rebecca Dawn

      Aaaaannnd how!

    • Kim Cankar

      I hate men who sag their pants like its cool! its not cool and you dont look "hot" or attractive doing it stupid Ass!

    • Sharron Boerum

      stay classy gentlemen ( the actual meaning is to let other inmates know they are "READY" to be taken)

    • Catherine Hevey

      seriously.. i would be surprised if anyone thought this was attractive!

    • Erika Johnson

      ''wow that guy with his pants halfway off his ass looks so manly & sophisticated!'-said no one ever! Really guys is it that hard to wear your pants around your waist where they are made to be? Instead you would rather hold them up with your hand while they are around your knees....makes no sense!!!! Pull your damn pants up!

    • Nicole Miller

      Pull up your damn pants!

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