Nutella Cream Pastry Puffs! These are so easy to make!

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Sweet, flakey, butter puff pastries filled with raspberry swirled cream cheese - Lovely Little Kitchen

Chocolate Lava Nutella Cookies

Nutella cream puffs. A simple pastry shell filled with decadent Nutella whipped cream. A delicious dessert!

Quick but a decadent cake at the same time - Nutella Cheesecake. All you need is Graham Crackers, cream cheese, Nutella and some nuts, and only 40 minutes.

If you like Nutella you are going to LOVE these cookies. Done in about 10 minutes - Perfect recipe to have your kids help


Nutella Cheesecake Cupcakes - these cupcakes are DREAMY! Silky smooth, creamy perfection.

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Edible Cookie Dough for One. The perfect way to treat yourself without going overboard!

Nutella cupcakes - oh my.

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Puff Pastry

lemon-blueberry shortcakes with whipped cream

Nutella macarons❤️

Homemade Eclairs- Easier than I thought. Filled with an easy pastry cream and topped with a yummy chocolate glaze.