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    Sound Boxes and Sound Cups

    phonemic awareness...

    Phonemic Awareness for Grades 2-5- "Sounds Good!"-Game and Activities

    "What's in my bag?" (Song for practicing phonemic awareness)

    35 Letters and Sounds Learning Games - Kids Activities Blog

    Tape Elkonin Boxes on the floor to practice breaking words into sounds! A fun way to build gross motor skills and phonemic awareness, Students can hop across sounds and then slide across the arrow as they blend the sounds together. Read the blog post for more fun ideas for this activity! A Peach for the Teach

    Paint & Read {and sound it out } - No Time For Flash Cards

    You Don't Say phonemic awareness phoneme segmentation activity; Kindergarten

    In this file you will have several activities and games that will give your students practice reading and writing words with the /ar/ sound. $4.00

    Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual soundsphonemesin spoken words. Before children learn to read print, they need to become more aware of how the sounds in words work. Students need to build their phonemic awareness skills in order to become readers.

    Phonemic Awareness Activities

    Conversations in Literacy: Kindergarten Letter Sorts this could easily be turned into a smartboard activity

    SMART Board activity for phonemic awareness. Teacher writes first word then highlights one letter that needs to be changed, next student creates a new word, on and on

    Phonemic Awareness Activities


    phonemic awareness blending activity.

    Free beginning sounds activity

    Sound boxes.-- what a GREAT idea!

    8 phonemic awareness activities for teaching segmenating and blending. Free printables.

    Message In A Bottle from