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  • Kathleen Anne

    mixed media techniques - Paint faces using oil pastels, watercolors, and white gouache Alrighty! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while… this is a more thorough way of answering the questions that i’m most often asked – how I get the skin to look the way it looks, and how I get watercolors to mix with oil pastels. I’m going to start by listing the ‘ingredients’ that I used on pink messenger’s face (above), followed by how/where I used them.

  • Rischa Heape

    Tutorial by Lynne Hoppe: paint faces using oil pastels, watercolors, and white gouache

  • Audrey Mak

    Lynne Hoppe, 'pink messenger #1' - watercolors, colored pencil, gouache, oil pastels, casein paint and graphite on old book page

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