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What a beautiful thought. I have felt the force of Love that is myself, my essence and this poem fits it perfectly.

Winter Waltz Poem by Christy Ann Martine typewriter poetry



"every night i look up at the freckled sky and fall in love with the universe all over again. i will be counting the stars for the rest of my life." #quote #stars #life #universe

I love when we kiss & I can feel the storm beneath your skin and the way you feel as you melt into me...I love the electricity that runs through our bodies...I love my lips against yours...my mouth on your neck as your fingernails passionately scratch my back...my mouth trailing slowly downward as I feel you respond to my touch..my kiss...as you give in to me,,,,I miss YOU Baby!!!! I want to hold U..feelU against me..pull u closer & slowly please U in every way..for U to feel my strong hands...

Melt Into Your Arms Poem Typed on Cotton Paper by Christy Ann Martine

Postcard by Margaret Atwood

Charles Bukowski



Glow Boat


The Question