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Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing

Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing **this was both easy and delicious! will make more than 3 slices of bacon next time...hubs wanted more. :)**

Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Corn Soup - When I first moved to PA, I was hesitant of trying this. I had never heard of it. Now its my favorite soup. Its the most popular soup in our region. I make it without rivels (Another thing I had never heard of until moving here. Kind of like tiny dumplings) I love this soup with or without the rivels

Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie: this is the recipe I use for my pot pie... oh, you have no idea what has been missing in your life if you haven't had PA Dutch pot pie WITH homemade noodles... 100% worth the effort over store noodles


Pennsylvania Dutch Green Beans

PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH GREEN BEANS RECIPE: ~ From: "MR.FOOD.COM" ~ Recipe Courtesy Of: "MR.FOOD TEST KITCHEN ". ~ Cooking Time: 15 min; Yield: (6 servings). NOTE: To blanch, cook the green beans in boiling water 3 to 5 minutes, drain, then plunge into cold water. *** The garden fresh taste of our Amish-inspired Pennsylvania Dutch Green Beans that come with a hint of savory bacon, is sure to warrant second helpings at dinner time .

Ham & Noodle Stove Top Casserole, Pennsylvania Dutch Style. Six Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes


Amish Pickled Eggs And Beets Recipe

Amish Pickled Eggs and Beets from This is an easy recipe that my grandmother used to serve in the spring. My brother still refers to this dish as "Easter eggs". Slices of onion or hot pepper may also be added to the pickling liquid with the beets and eggs.

Long list of Amish recipes. One of my favorites is the chicken corn soup. I grew up eating it without the rivels though because my gramma didn't care for them.

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Pennsylvania Dutch Black Walnut Cake, A Thanksgiving Tradition

Recipes for a Pennsylvania Dutch Black Walnut Cake; a Thanksgiving Tradition, and a Cranberry Walnut Cake.

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PA Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing

Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing Recipe - this is similar to my sister's recipe....we put it over spinach. Yum!

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German Salad Recipes

German Salad Recipes- I am so glad I found this! When we lived in Germany, restaurants would serve a plate with a variety of salads! probably don't remember but you would only eat potatoes.

Pork and Sauerkraut. Traditional Pa Dutch New Years meal. (don't forget the mashed taters!) Tradition says to not eat anything on New Year's Day that scratches backwards (i.e. chicken or beef). Pigs root forward with their noses, therefore bringing good luck to the New Year!

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Potato Stuffing Casserole

Potato Stuffing Casserole Adapted recipe from a Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook. If you're looking for an alternative to mashed potatoes, try this dish.