• Stefan

    black tear...

  • Jamie Covell

    Your scent unmistakable Your presence so definite and distinct Your touch like none other You were there with me Of this I have no doubt You softly whispered sweetest dreams I was not sad yet a single tear fell onto my pillow For I feel you in my heart And in the deepest part of my soul Closing my green eyes Your hand gently resting on my cheek As one finger traced my eyelid and brow I drifted off to sleep Feeling safe and feeling loved With You there ~ by my side ©k

  • Milissa Stormer

    Dark sadness and grief for the wonderful life you used to have... but the pain and fatigue has taken most of that away :( definitely feeling like this most days.

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Grave of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband. The Protestant Colonel of Cavalry, JWC of Gorkum married the Catholic damsel JCPH of Aefferden. This "mixed" marriage, at that time (the 19th century), would have given them trouble. The wife wanted to be buried next to her husband, but the difference in their denomination would not allow that. So the Colonel was buried in the Protestant part, against the separation wall and his wife was buried on the Catholic side.


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