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Self-portrait of the artist Zhang Jingna. *Zhang Jingna is a Chinese-Singaporean photographer widely known as zemotion (b1988, Beijing, China).


Urban dance senior picture ideas for girls and guys. Urban dance senior pictures. #danceseniorpictureideas #urbandanceseniorpictures #danceseniorpictures #seniorpictureideasforgirls

I find Geishas incredibly beautiful. Geisha literally means art. They have to train from young to master the many different forms of art, for instance making traditional Japanese tea, playing an instrument like a Shamisen, dancing and being an entertainer. I hate how almost everyone pictures a Geisha as a prostitute. Not all Geishas sleep with their customers to make money.


An entry from Emilialua

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BeauTiFuL PicTuReS oF BeauTiFuL cHiLdReN on Pinterest Child ...


Yes, because thats EXACTLY what any sensible person does when they "throw on an all white dress". Yep, I walk my giant "kitty-cat" in the muddiest place I can find.... However, I do love the dress...

Every once in a while, I come across someone with a truly beautiful face. This is one of those.


«Possibile che in un sol colpo gli uomini siano impazziti e che il cervello sia partito? Non lo crediamo. Il nodo sta nel fatto che le donne sempre più spesso provocano, cadono nell’arroganza, si credono autosufficienti e finiscono con esasperare le tensioni esistenti.» Quindi non è l’uomo ad impazzire, anzi, se una moglie “si crede autosufficiente” è giusto che venga picchiata e malmenata, e invece è meglio che stia zitta . Non inventao niente, è il sig. Bruno Volpe che dice cose assurde.


Girl wearing clever camo on the beach…

Waves, 2012. by Wilma Hurskainen. Poached by many as an "amazing optical illusion." As always, Russian content scrappers were the initial culprits,

Ginger freckle and pale blue (beautiful!) eyes | Close-up portraits | Photography


Hannes Beer 153/365 The All Day Everyday Project ; art print, graphics, graphic design, illustration, design,