Baby highland cow

xoxoxo.....I want this cutie!

Friends Little boy ready to feed baby cow #LOVE #CUTE

Bubba and Hudson (Jersey Calf and Baby Chicken) - Hudson perches on Bubba's head for a birds eye view.

Just hanging

he's not heavy...he's my brother! #dogs #military #great #touching


Baby Calf: Hungry Baby Canvas Picture – Signs of Vinyl

Happy Dalmatian

On the farm~

I still have my stuffed animal named cowie! (cow kisses...reminds me of my cow that I raised from a calf. I called her 304 because that was the number on her ear tag and I already had a stuffed cow named Cowie so 304 seemed right. I really miss her.)

Calf with kittens

Jeff asked me to put this on his board, in his way you know. Sweet.


"Stella".....what a beautiful calf ! ♥♥♥

Every kid should grow up on a farm and watch animals be born :)

Hey, Sweetheeeeaaarrt!

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