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DIY Studded Sneakers

Do you have a pair of sneaker that you don’t want to wear it anymore? You can wear it again with a completely new look by having a diy studded sneakers project at home!

take white keds and use sharpie to create designs. coat with spray to keep the ink from leaking and running.

American Flag shoes, drawn on! you can do this for me for of July!

vans// I love these!// I need these// im gonna get them... someday// vans off the wall// cute// adorable// dream catcher

Dreamcatcher Gossamer Green VANS Made to Order by BreakFreeDesigns. , via Etsy…

patriotic vans I need these

Omg love these Vans😍! I love American flag style things, I think they're flag is awesome🇺🇸!

you ship your toms, they paint them and send them back! so amazing! only $48!

I WANT THESE TOMS! I am absolutely obsessed with TOMS, they are my favorite go to shoes for any event. I would love to have these but they are special addition and unfortunately are sold out. But I will eventually own a pair of these TOMS someday.


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I love these! Though I would love them even more if they were Lo Pros

DIY Studded Sneakers

I like the studs on the pink ones, but I don't like the color pink. Put the pink stud design on the purple ones and I will be happy

studded obsession

DIY studded vans- I've wanted to stud some sneakers for awhile, but this is way easier than punching studs through fabric!

DIY D&G Jeweled Jelly Sandals

12 Ways to Make Fashionable Items

DIY: D&G Jeweled Jelly Sandals - 12 Fashionable DIY Ideas I'd want the whole shoe covered in gems.