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{Merlin the Maine Coon} cat + scarf + autumn leaves = awesome

Cat cave - That's right cat owners, you too can make your very own Cat Cave out of your own cat's thrown up furballs you find just lying around the house. [GROSS!] One way to recycle, hahaha!

Wondering Freddy III by yetdark on Flickr.

"Cats are perfect companions. Independent and resourceful yet there when you need a cuddle." --Author Unknown Flickr par Quentin Savary

* * ORANGE TABBY: " Dat poor Munchkin breed woulds never beez able to do dis."

Looks just like my cat! It's resting it's head on it's tail. :3

This is kind of my kitty. incidentally, while my cats are vicious mousers... they adopted a pet rat as one of their own. go figure

fluffy white kitty with pink ears... this could so be Malto the Magnificent

Liquids take the shape of their container. Cats are liquids?